The Film Detective Podcast S1 E38 - Broadway is My Beat (8/14/1950): The Mary Demming Murder Case (2022)

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Carl Amari
The Film Detective, Carl Amari
Join host, Carl Amari, for a radio re-broadcast of Broadway is My Beat. Featuring narration by Larry Thor. Running on CBS Radio from February 27, 1949 to August 1st, 1950, Broadway is My Beat introduced listeners to Detective Danny Clover, a hard-boiled New York City cop who worked in the homicide unit. With a jurisdiction from Times Square to Columbus Circle, the series listeners were treated to various tales of crime and murder straight from the gaudiest, most violent, and the most lonesome mile in the world. Originally portrayed by Anthony Ross for the first three months of its airing, the role of Detective Danny Clover then transitioned to radio icon Larry Thor. Although the series went relatively under-the-radar amongst other series at the time, it had done a wonderful job tapping into the darker side of radio detective adventures. Originally airing 08/14/1950, gather around for this week's murder mystery in "The Mary Demming Murder Case," with Detective Danny Clover!