Billy The Kid Trapped (1942)

Buster Crabbe, Anne Jeffreys, Al St. John, Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart
Sam Newfield
Comedy, Action & Adventure
HIS TOMBSTONE WAS SET...But Billy Refused To Die!! Billy (Buster Crabbe) thinks luck is on his side when he and two buddies are rescued from the gallows. Unfortunately, Jim Stanton (Glenn Strange), the boss of Mesa City, plans to frame them for a series of robberies and murders. Stanton has even hired three professional killers and disguised them as Billy and his sidekicks. All goes well until the imposters foolishly try to match bullets with The Kid! Also starring Al St. John as Fuzzy, it’s the sort of movie where a character drawls, “Make one move and you'll wake up playin' a harp.” (BW)