Juvenile Delinquent Scare Films Vol. 1 (1950-1960)

Joseph Lohman, Dr. Lloyd Olan
As those teenage punks were taking control of our streets, the authorities in Chicago took matters into their own via a series of filmed TV programs entitled Searchlights on Delinquency. These b&w 1950’s shorts, individually titled "The Culture of Delinquency" and "The Gang," are hosted by pudgy, bespectacled Sheriff JOSEPH LOHMAN from the "Sheriff’s Office of Cook County, Illinois," who wonders about the tragedies that may occur when some ruffian "breaks a pop bottle and goes to injure" another during a heated dice game. Utilizing stats, charts, and an unwavering monotone drone, Lohman illustrates his point that all kids are bad apples, rotten to the core. (BW)