Three Husbands (1950)

Eve Arden, Ruth Warrick
Irving Reis
This archetypical 1950's comedic romp stars Emlyn Williams (The Man Who Knew Too Much) as Max, a recently deceased playboy who uses his one wish granted to all the newly dead to play a trick on three of his old poker buddies. Ever a prankster, even in the afterlife, Max requests that he be granted to ability to watch the reactions of his buddies as they read a letter he left each of them claiming that he had an affair with each's wife. With a tautly-scribed screenplay written by well known novelist Vera Caspary and lauded songwriter Edward Eliscu and an exceedingly strong cast that includes Howard Da Silva (1776), Billie Burke (The Wizard of Oz) and the inimitable Eve Arden. Three Husbands is a lovely little farce that packs quite a punch. (BW)